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Mobility, Control, Rules and Security for printing

Identify who prints what.Manage budgets, allocate quotas.Implement rules to save paper.Eliminate orphan print jobs.Let your users print from anywhere in your fleet. Do all of this, or just part of it with MONITOR360.

Monitor 360

Is your printing not under control?

Too many documents left forgotten in the printer and never picked up...No visibility of who prints what and how? You are losing control!

Sensitive data lost or not secure enough

Sensitive data lost or not secure enough

Misuse of printing devices

Misuse of printing devices

Sky-high printing costs

Sky-high printing costs

Paper waste

Paper waste

Why choose the MONITOR 360 offer?

This software allows you to take full control of printing, monitor user usage and behaviour, print documents safely and finally: stop paper waste in your company.


Informed administrators

Consolidation of printers and print flows and access to a web interface with consolidated data! You get a lot more time to focus on other activities.


Savings for the company

Lower expenditure on printing and less waste.


Satisfied users

Devices more convenient and easier to use, ability to print from any corporate device, enhanced security…

University of Bayonne
We needed to making printing secure and be able to identify users. We had a proposal from a manufacturer, but it didn’t work across our entire fleet. Thanks to MONITOR 360, it is easy for all users to identify themselves.

Bernard R

Support Manager, University of Bayonne.

Monitor 360 Print job controls, rules and security

I want to control who prints what, allocate budgets, and implement a printing and security policy.

Monitoring and accounting for work

  • Monitoring and management of cost centres per user, per service or per machine

  • Management of user rights and quotas: All types of quota supported (blocking, prepaid, information, page, colour, etc.)

  • Quota control by printer / multi-function device: Control print and copy job quotas directly from printers.
  • Monitoring via a dedicated web portal
Monitoring and accounting for work

Implementation of a printing policy

  • Creating and managing personalised print job rules (notification / restriction / blocking / conversion) -

  • Allocation of printing costs per project or per account

  • Creation of detailed and consolidated reports from a web portal

Implementation of a printing policy

Security and mobile printing

  • Print job release through identification (codes, badges, etc.)

  • Centralised print queue management (Local / Server or Web) - print jobs put on hold and released through user authentication

  •  Allowing print access for mobile or guest users: printing can be done from any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.)
Security and mobile printing
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Nous utilisons nous-mêmes dans nos offres un outil de monitoring de parc. Il est tellement bien, que nous avons décidé de le proposer à nos partenaires !


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