Monitoring software for printing fleets and MPS operations

The outsourced print fleet management solution for print service resellers who want to reduce their costs!


Do you think the administration of your customers’ printer fleets is inefficient?

Your customers' print fleets are varied, of different sizes and specific features. Implementing proactive and effective management can quickly become complicated.

Lack of control and visibility

Lack of control and visibility

Printers not fully monitored

Printers not fully monitored

High operating costs and unprofitable customer MPS contracts

High operating costs and unprofitable customer MPS contracts

Manual management processes

Manual management processes

Why choose the MONITOR offer?

The Monitor solution allows print professionals to get better results while simultaneously simplifying their operations.


Remote control of your customers’ fleets

Whatever the brand or model, and even equipment connected via USB, you will be able to monitor all customer print environments accurately and in real time.


Savings on purchasing your consumables

The only solution that analyses the actual consumption of cartridges by accurately calculating consumables end-of-life (rather than using a predetermined %).


Fewer visits to customer premises

Better availability of equipment, fewer technical visits; Your operating costs will quickly be reduced.


Fully automated tasks and processes

Monitor permits proactive management for the replacement of consumables. Automated management tasks can be accessed and modified from a centralised web portal.

Thanks to MONITOR, we have reduced shipments of consumables by 20%. The prediction algorithm is efficient, and this changes everything

Didier T

Technical manager, Office Automation Expert

MONITOR Multiple options in a single tool

The most comprehensive and efficient Cloud-based service management solution on the marketfor meeting the needs of outsourced print fleet management.Find out how our solution can help you!

Efficient governance and management of customer fleets

  • Centralisation of order transactions from your web-based services console
  • Monitoring customer assets and printing devices
  • Mass system recording and synchronisation
  • Data collection and accurate monitoring of printers, printing meters and levels of consumables
  • Dashboards, balance sheet date, reports
  • Status of peripherals: consolidated overview.
Efficient governance and management of customer fleets

Invoicing customer contracts 

  • Automatic reading and records of meters in network, USB, and embedded systems, even in non-connected IT environments
  • Embedded customer contract invoicing module and management of cost-per-page contracts 
  • Analytical view of key customer contract indicators
  • Meter suspension: access to history
  • Meter mapping
  • Integration in an external ERP or third-party system
  • Analysis of print revenue: checking by type of print services based on predefined rules. 

Invoicing customer contracts

Automation of procurement processes for consumables and maintenance tasks

  • Automated planning and management of procurement processes

  • Management of local stocks of customer consumables

  • Customer reserve stocks

  • Supply chain monitoring

  • Customers can order consumables via the portal

  • Resupply of consumables based on behaviour and use of the printing system (page volume, coverage rate, etc.)

  • Process and systems integration: automation of workflows for invoicing, support and requests for consumables

Automation of procurement processes for consumables and maintenance tasks

Alert monitoring

  • Alert management: automatic alerts for level of consumables, printing, meters, equipment and contracts

  • Workflow management: all alert types can be labelled

  • Integration in your helpdesk

Alert monitoring
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Nous utilisons nous-mêmes dans nos offres un outil de monitoring de parc. Il est tellement bien, que nous avons décidé de le proposer à nos partenaires !


MONITOR, the solution that makes the difference

Million consumables replaced

Million systems monitored

Billion pages invoiced


Million pages saved

through implementation of a printing policy

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