DYALOG was created for organisations that are tired of dealing with problems with their printers

DYALOG offers a range of solutions to free you from the constraints of printer fleet management.

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Our mission: to respond to new organisational, economic and ecological challenges

Lower expenditure, increased productivity and sustainable development are at the heart of corporate challenges. With the arrival of digital you might think that printing would disappear from working environments, yet document and information processing still forms part of everyday activities in a lot of companies. Quotations, invoices, contracts, reports and presentations are key and strategic information resources for companies. 

Making the management and supervision of printer fleets less of a chore

We steer companies towards rethinking the business models in place and printing processes, whether operational or business-specific: simplification and optimisation. It’s time to leave your historical model behind, where you were wasting time manually processing your consumables orders, coordinating various service providers, or handling users dissatisfied with recurrent printing problems.


Taking environmental issues into account

We supply companies with OWA remanufactured consumables from the circular economy. We collect cartridges so that they can be recycled and reused. This way, we give print cartridges a second life and anticipate future European Green Deal regulations.

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Enabling savings on printing

With our solutions and software, budgets are optimised through eliminating unnecessary costs. Savings are also made on consumables. Remanufacturing a print cartridge is cheaper than making one from scratch. It consumes less energy, and the raw materials are already there! So cost per page is lower.


DYALOG: Altkin's Care pillar

DYALOG is a brand of Altkin, an ARMOR Group company. 

Altkin's offering is built around 4 pillars: 


- Products, notably with the OWA brand, alternative printing consumables, derived from re-use, and of certified quality.

- Care, which includes DYALOG, a suite of services and software solutions designed to free companies from the constraints associated with managing their printing fleets. 


- Tech, under the A2i (Altkin Industrial Inks Lab) brand, focuses on the creation and custom design of water-based inks. It has a wide range of applications, including DTF printing, sublimation, printing on porous surfaces (cardboard, paper towels, tissues, etc.) and printing on flexible packaging. 


- Tailored covers white-label activities such as the production of alternative consumables, ink replenishment and the collection of empty cartridges. 

Evolution of the printing market from 2005 to the present day :



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