Eliminate your print servers with PrinterLogic

Phase out your print servers and switch to direct IP printing with centralised management. Deploy your printers and drivers in one click with PrinterLogic!

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Is your printing infrastructure complicated to manage?

IT services generally consider printers to be the most time-consuming devices! Printers that need to be configured, drivers that need to be deployed and managed, servers that need to be maintained, etc. The situation can quickly become very critical.

Too much time spent on deployment

Too much time spent on print driver deployment and maintenance

IT services over-used by users

IT services over-used by users

Printing infrastructure too expensive

Printing infrastructure too expensive

Network traffic too high

Network traffic too high

Why choose the DIRECT offer with PrinterLogic?

Direct is the solution that makes it possible to eliminate print servers and install printers easily. Thanks to its driver management platform, management is more flexible, less costly and incredibly simple...

Elimination of print servers

Elimination of print servers

All print servers are eliminated quickly, simplifying the printing infrastructure.

A single central console

A single central console

You can manage all your company printers through a single central console.

More autonomous users

More autonomous users

Users access a portal that lets them install their chosen printer themselves with a single click

Fewer calls to the IT hotline

Fewer calls to the IT hotline

Users are more autonomous and therefore request less support.

Rapid return on investment

Rapid return on investment

Bring your costs down fast by eliminating servers and reducing the number of calls to the helpdesk.

With DIRECT, we finally have a sensible solution that stops us from stressing out about driver management and deploying printers internally.

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The innovative, simplified printer and driver management solution for companies

Find out why all IT departments will adopt this unique solution on the market?

Centralised and simplified administration of printers

  • Automatic import and migration of printers on your web administration console

  • Mass centralised management of printers, drivers and equipment configurations

  • Automatic application of all changes made by the printer administrator 

  • Elimination of complicated script groups and strategies

  • Print support in virtual environments (Citrix, VMware, VDI)

Printer logic

Easy access to equipment

  • User web portal in self-service mode
  • Users can access and install printers in just one click
  • Create customizable floor plans to help locate and install printers

Monitor equipment and generate usage reports

SNMP monitoring allows you to know printer status and receive printer alerts. Printing use accounting, report tables or charts available online or by email.

Easy access to equipment

Protecting print confidentiality and making access secure

With the Pull Printing option, the user releases their print jobs in front of the equipment using their badge or network credentials to ensure document confidentiality.
Access is controlled through roles assigned to AD or LDAP user groups. Connections are secured with https and OAuth protocols. Administrator activities are traced.

Print on the go

With the mobile printing option, users can print from a laptop, mobile or tablet.

Protecting print confidentiality and making access secure

With your solution


    Your current situation

    With the DIRECT solution

  • Number of print servers to manage



  • Number of print drivers to install



  • Number of calls to helpdesk



  • Access to printers and drivers

  • WAN traffic costs

    1.5K € or 1,2k£

    0.1K€ or 0,08K£

  • Annual administration costs

    10K€ or 8,5K£

    4K€ or 3,4K£


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